Keeping Your Carpets Fresh And Clean

Though tile or wood floor may be nice for certain areas in your home, no one can deny that carpeting gives a warm and cozy feel to the rooms, especially bedrooms. Of course, it’s important to keep the carpeting clean and dust free. Luckily it’s fairly simple to maintain your carpet with minimal upkeep if you follow a few basic guidelines. Carpeting should be regularly vacuumed, spots or stains cleaned up immediately and professionally cleaned by a Winter Haven carpet cleaning company, when necessary. Following these guidelines will keep your carpet looking like new for years to come.

Carpet should be vacuumed at least 1 – 2 times a week, whether it looks dirty or not. Dirt and dust can work down into the carpet and actually damage the fibers at the base of the carpet. Vacuuming will remove this ground in dirt, prolonging the life of the carpet. Vacuuming should be done more than once over a section, to ensure complete dirt removal. Stains and spills are inevitable, but the actions taken immediately after a spill can make the difference between a clean carpet or a permanently stained one.


Never leave a spill on the carpet, clean it right away. The first step in removing stains is to blot or scrape up any remains. Never rub the area, as the stain will most likely spread and grind into the carpet, making it more difficult to remove. After it’s blotted or scraped, attempt to remove the stain with a carpet stain remover or mild soap and water. Remember to blot the carpet dry until all remains of the stain are removed.

Occasionally, if there are stubborn stains, or if your carpet needs extra care, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals who offer carpet cleaning in Winter Haven. The professionals will eliminate all stains possible and remove the ground in dirt from the base of the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh smelling. Professional carpet cleaning machines scrub with carpet shampoo to loosen dirt and stains. Then the dirt is extracted and the carpet is rinsed with clean water, leaving it totally dry within a few hours.

It’s important to vacuum carpets frequently, remove stains immediately and call in the professionals every year or two for a through carpet cleaning. By following these guidelines, carpeting should stay clean and look good for years to come.


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